We work with CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, CMOs, and other members of the C-suite to explore the revenue, cost, and risk drivers, as well as drivers of business disruption,  then frame creative, advantageous business and operating model transformations designed to capitalize on disruption, exploit opportunities and maximize the value generated by key company capabilities.

Step 1 Assessment

Discover Service Improvements & Benchmark Existing Process With Our Scoring System

Assessment Questions

 We begin with learning about customer challenges and capturing a set of discovery questions, that are weighted and used to score your company against our 10+ years of experience and industry best practices.

Opportunity Discovered

Our scoring system lets us know where the organization can improve, and the change needed to capture those improvements. These opportunities come in the form of positive business outcomes like efficiency improvement, revenue gain, cost reduction, and/or risk mitigation.

Service Gaps & Challenges Addressed

Our team designs and executes a specific solution tailored to meet our customer's needs, while measuring performance and improving along the way via business review sessions.

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Can Your Organization Improve?


Opportunity Cost

What Is The Cost Of Status Quo?

Status quo could come at a steep cost if organizations fail to capture maximum business value from technology, security, data, and marketing. We benchmark your scores in service area footprint/maturity, total cost of ownership, and service performance against past customers we transformed in the SMB space within your vertical markets.


Step 2 Strategy

Custom Solution Aligned With Our Services To Deliver MAX Value

We take the information from our scope meeting and partner with our customers to understand the process redesign, change levels, and new processes that will need to be implemented to capture the full value of our services.

Action Plan Outlined

Managed Business ServicesManaged Business ServicesManaged Business ServicesManaged Business Services

Partnered Strategy

Our unique framework leveraging data and customer inputs, allows Zyos Group to quickly score service gaps against best practices, while addressing customer challenges and exploiting opportunities enabled by our solutions. This process shows the opportunity cost in the form of revenue gain, efficiency improvement or risk mitigation that our services can help you capture.

managed business services

Step 3 Execution

Service Delivery & Process Re-Design

Implementations are seamless with our expert approach to project management, process improvement, business process re-engineering, and change management. We leverage our unique approach, tools, and methodologies to help clients through each phase of business transformation, from the discovery process of imagining and framing a solution to delivering the optimal design for your organization to providing the structural support to scale and sustain the value of the transformation over time.

Solution Delivery


Step 4 Enablement

Performance Monitoring & Process Change Outcomes

We supply robust reporting to monitor performance for each area of business we support.


Step 5 Support

Continuous Improvement

Continuously improving is vital to stay ahead of your competition. We support our customers with business review sessions and strategic guidance so they will always be ahead.

Opportunity Measured and Value Delivered 


Business Reviews


Process Improvement


Performance Monitoring

Let Our Team Assess How We Can Help Transform Your Organization

With our custom solutions suited for your business, from start to finish we measure and monitor process changes and impact delivered combining technology, data, security, people, process engineering and our consulting portfolio of managed business services

Support Decision Making

Our Data-driven decision support systems combined with our consulting services gives  “one version of the truth” about company operations available to managers and hence can encourage fact-based decision making.

Organizational Control

Real-time operational intelligence and activity monitoring. Prevent operational inefficiencies and loss of ROI by not monitoring and improving your operation.

Operational Insights

Performance metrics at your finger tips! Know your business inside and out while effectively making profitable strategic decisions.

Competitive Advantage

Monitor operational goals within our scorecard engine to see results! Proactively prevent performance issues by aligning key performance indicators to SMART goals for each functional area of business.  
Staff Productivity
Increase 90%
Operational Efficiency Improvement
Gained 85% YoY
Risk Mitigation
Remediated 100%
Cost Reduction
Reduced 50% YoY
Revenue Growth
Increased Profitability

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