Information Creates Value

Business Intelligence

Value Creators With Business Intelligence Solutions.

Zyos Group offers business intelligence managed business services for small and mid-sized organizations to help transform their raw data into actionable insights. Businesses can no longer afford to ignore the benefits of having decision making and performance measurement at their finger tips. Our services can integrate with existing workflows and systems or we can design new ones to capture the key performance indicators needed to better understand your business and optimize workflows.


Data Services

Reports & Dashboard Development

  • Add value to your current reports with data visualization that allows personalized views for different business units, teams, and leadership.
  • Let experts help you choose the best of the BI tools that suit your business needs and create intuitive dashboards to measure key performance indicators.
  • Go beyond dashboard development by automating reports and integrating different data systems across the organization.
  • Simplify complex datasets, present them graphically, comprehend data faster, unveil key trends, and act on those meaningful business insights.


Data Drives Performance

Our customers benefit from data security experience across our service footprint, as well as additional manage services to support process improvement measures across Marketing, IT, Security, and Operations

We Solve Problems

Customer Obstacles.

Over the past 10 years, we have listened to the frequent challenges our customers face. Zyos Group was founded and designed to address these very problems.

Managed Business ServicesManaged Business ServicesManaged Business ServicesManaged Business Services

We are Unique

Our Differentiators.

We are uniquely positioned to bring business value to our customers with an integrated service approach designed specifically for small/mid-sized businesses, and tailored to align the right service footprint across  data, technology, people and process.

Solutions Delivered

Issues Addressed. 

Zyos Group is the premiere integrated business managed service provider for small and mid-sized businesses. We leverage people, process and technology expertise to quickly enable small to mid-sized businesses to achieve positive business outcomes in the form of revenue generation, cost reduction, efficiency improvement, and risk mitigation via integrated managed business services tailored to the specific needs of our customers.

Imagemanaged business services

Different Designs For Devices

Transform Framework

Opportunity Measured and Value Delivered 

Our unique business transformation framework comes from our 10 years experience evaluating businesses, measuring service gaps that yield financial opportunity, and delivering on the execution of those services.


Service Portfolio

Opportunity Measured and Value Delivered 

Our services allow organizations to innovate while driving efficiency, improving process control and reducing risk.


Data Integration


Data Warehousing


Data Visualizations


Data Platform & Dashboards


Data Security


Data Analytics

Managed Services

What Are Managed Services

We also offer professional services for ad-hoc projects that arise for our customers.


Our Partners


Let Our Team Assess How We Can Help Transform Your Organization

With our custom solutions suited for your business, from start to finish we measure and monitor process changes and impact delivered combining technology, data, security, people, process engineering and our consulting portfolio of managed business services


Support Decision Making

Our Data-driven decision support systems combined with our consulting services gives  “one version of the truth” about company operations available to managers and hence can encourage fact-based decision making.

Organizational Control

Real-time operational intelligence and activity monitoring. Prevent operational inefficiencies and loss of ROI by not monitoring and improving your operation.

Operational Insights

Performance metrics at your finger tips! Know your business inside and out while effectively making profitable strategic decisions.

Competitive Advantage

Monitor operational goals within our scorecard engine to see results! Proactively prevent performance issues by aligning key performance indicators to SMART goals for each functional area of business.  
Staff Productivity
Increase 90%
Operational Efficiency Improvement
Gained 85% YoY
Risk Mitigation
Remediated 100%
Cost Reduction
Reduced 50% YoY
Revenue Growth
Increased Profitability

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