Lean Operations

    Our Unique Approach To Change

    Zyos Group offers a unique approach with our transformation framework that enables our customers to quickly measure opportunity via performance gaps, and prioritize change to align with business outcomes. 

    Our Methodology

    A methodology that emphasizes flexibility, customer-centricity, and the delivery of incremental value in short cycles.

    A methodology that emphasizes the elimination of waste, reduction of lead times, and maximization of customer value.

    A methodology that focuses on redesigning business processes to achieve significant improvements in performance.

    Prioritized Value

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    Lean Operations

    Lean operations is a methodology that focuses on reducing waste, improving efficiency, and maximizing value. It involves identifying and eliminating non-value-added activities in processes, streamlining workflows, and continuously improving operations through a structured approach of plan-do-check-act cycles. This results in improved quality, reduced costs, and faster cycle times.

    Agile Change

    We emphasize our change model promotes flexibility, speed, and customer-centricity. It involves breaking down large change initiatives into smaller, more manageable pieces, and delivering incremental value to customers in short cycles called sprints. This allows organizations to respond quickly to changing market conditions and customer needs, while also ensuring that projects stay on track and deliver value.

    Combine The Two

    We use agile and lean methodologies to drive successful outcomes. Agile can help organizations to quickly adapt to changing circumstances and deliver value to customers, while lean can help to optimize processes and reduce waste, leading to improved efficiency and effectiveness. By combining the two approaches, organizations can create a powerful framework for driving change and improving operations.

    Lead & Lag Indicators

    Measure every key performance indicators across your entire operation. Understand which activities and indicators you should be measuring, monitoring and improving.

    • Sales pipeline: A lead indicator that tracks the number and value of potential sales opportunities in the pipeline.
    • Customer satisfaction surveys: A lead indicator that measures customer satisfaction and provides early feedback on potential issues.
    • Quality metrics: Lead indicators that track quality performance and identify potential quality issues before they become problems.
    • Employee engagement surveys: A lead indicator that measures employee satisfaction and identifies potential issues with employee retention and productivity.

    Lead & Lag Indicators

    Lag indicators, on the other hand, are retrospective and measure performance after the fact. They are useful for tracking progress towards goals and identifying areas for improvement. Some examples of lag indicators of operational performance include:

    • Revenue: A lag indicator that measures the organization's financial performance over a period of time.
    • Customer retention: A lag indicator that measures the organization's ability to retain customers over time.
    • Employee turnover: A lag indicator that measures the organization's ability to retain employees over time.
    • Production efficiency: A lag indicator that measures the organization's ability to produce goods or services efficiently over time.

    Data Drives Performance

    Measure every key performance indicators across your entire operation. Understand which activities and indicators you should be measuring, monitoring and improving.


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    Transform Framework


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    Let Our Team Assess How We Can Help Transform Your Organization

    With our custom solutions suited for your business, from start to finish we measure and monitor process changes and impact delivered combining technology, data, security, people, process engineering with our consulting portfolio of managed business services.

    Support Decision Making

    Our Data-driven decision support systems combined with our consulting services gives  “one version of the truth” about company operations available to managers and hence can encourage fact-based decision making.

    Organizational Control

    Real-time operational intelligence and activity monitoring. Prevent operational inefficiencies and loss of ROI by not monitoring and improving your operation.

    Operational Insights

    Performance metrics at your finger tips! Know your business inside and out while effectively making profitable strategic decisions.

    Competitive Advantage

    Monitor operational goals within our scorecard engine to see results! Proactively prevent performance issues by aligning key performance indicators to SMART goals for each functional area of business.  
    Staff Productivity
    Increase 90%
    Operational Efficiency Improvement
    Gained 85% YoY
    Risk Mitigation
    Remediated 100%
    Cost Reduction
    Reduced 50% YoY
    Revenue Growth
    Increased Profitability

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