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business transformation

What Is Business Transformation?

When we talk to customers about business transformation, it’s not uncommon for them to ask what it is. Business transformation is an umbrella term for making fundamental changes in how a business operates by aligning people, processes, and technology. Seems simple enough, but these are usually large, multi-year initiatives, typically introduced to large and enterprise-scale operations, requiring a lot of coordination and time before capturing value, no matter how agile the approach is. However, there is just as much value for small and mid-sized businesses, while also having the agility to do so quickly and capture benefits much faster.

I’ll layout ways we break the process down at Zyos Group , but typically transformation activities occur in one or more of these categories.

  • Business process transformation
  • Information/data/digital transformation
  • Organizational transformation

What challenges does this address for businesses?

Business process transformation: Many times companies don’t have time or resource expertise to best optimize how they get things done to facilitate, automate, document, or optimize processes with different systems, resource expertise, and strategy. The goal of business process transformation is to relieve the company from inefficient tasks or processes and ensure the new processes stick while being defined and controlled. With agile implementation practices, lean process standards, and business process re-engineering, organizations can overcome these challenges.

Information/data/digital transformation—There are many ways organizations can use technology to unlock additional value. However, many times companies aren’t sure which technology to use that best suits them. Not in their existing processes, but for their desired state. The same goes when procuring a system for data purposes. Benefits may come in aggregating and sharing data in new, more efficient ways (such as a digital CRM system or online ordering). In summary, digital transformation leverages technology and data to offer ultimately improve operational control, lower risk, increase efficiencies, and grant insights into their day-to-day operations.

Organizational transformation—Altering resource allocation or adding resources where gaps exist is key to transformations. Companies need to navigate by understanding the value across the business by assessing each functional area, and how it could benefit from transformational change while incorporating expert security, information technology, and business intelligence.

Looking at in-house skills and experience, how the staff is deployed, and the service gaps allow companies to identify opportunities. These opportunities could point to either streamlining or build-out with a partnered approach via a specialized Business Transformation managed services firm to achieve growth and success.

I founded Zyos Group , specifically to solve this problem enable small and mid-sized businesses to reap the rewards of integrated transformational services (Information Technology, Security, Business Intelligence), with a focus on delivering rapid change through people process and technology for small and mid-sized businesses. Our solutions are customized to our customer’s unique needs and backed by over a decade of experience in regulated healthcare, manufacturing, and legal verticals.

Want to transform your business today?

Next Steps

  • Mission—Derived directly from the strategy, it’s the why, how, and capability.
  • Insights—How to compile data, communicate, and use data to drive decisions.
  • Integration—Rules, roles, and decision-making responsibility.
  • Processes—Well-defined and efficiently designed to reach the desired outcomes
  • Technology—Requirements for the capability in terms of hardware, software, tools, and services
  • Talent—What skills and experience are needed for this capability to thrive?

We prove time and time again our business transformation framework, combined with our managed service portfolio, brings exponential value to our customers when compared against the status quo or competitors.

I believe we’ve accomplished what we set out to do in evolving the business, but the work of evolving a company is never done.

-Michael Dell